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Reboot Charity is a

recognized 501(c)(3)  tax-exempt nonprofit organization based in the United States. We use donations to help self-funded volunteers do more.

Our Mission

We support volunteers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) by providing technology, tools, and logistics to amplify the impact of their work.

Our Vision

We believe sincerely-motivated volunteers are the most effective agents for accomplishing good in communities and in disaster areas. Their selfless and untiring spirit motivates us to be supportive of their work.

Disaster Relief Support - Our Main Cause


We have helped hundreds of people to be evacuated from disaster areas. This makes it easier to take care of their needs and lessens the burden on communities strained by disasters.

Getting Supplies In

Getting supplies into a disaster area quickly is extremely important to address early needs and demands immediately after a disaster strikes. 

Getting Volunteers There

We support volunteers and organizations at the forefront. We provide logistical support, training, or actual supplies to people or areas in need.

Reboot Stepped In

I wanted to get to a disaster area in the islands to assist those in need, but there was no way to get there, all airlines had stopped service as the terminals were destroyed, the sea was too high so no ferries were running. Reboot stepped in and arranged to get me there on a private flight. Relief was hard work, but using my vacation time from work to help others rebuild was 100 percent worth it. Thanks Reboot for making it happen!

R.T. - Texas


I donated to Reboot because I saw first hand the need they are filling after a disaster. It is incredible to see how they make the resources stretch to meet the task at hand.

D.L. - Florida

Freely Giving

When I saw what Reboot was doing, and the board freely giving of their time and resources to help, I knew I found a purpose I could get behind. The board has worked with me to make sure the vision of helping be there for others after a disaster is reached.

G.S. - Virginia

Reboot Has Helped

My husband, and I have spent many years volunteering our time to help those in our local community. We are older and on a fixed budget, we try to use what we have to help others. Reboot has helped us keep doing our work on many occasions. Thanks.

J.Y. - Florida

Just At The Right Moment

We were working on a building on an island that had been devastated by Hurricane Maria. We needed supplies right away so the volunteers could keep working, Reboot arranged for them to get there via plane, just at the right moment to keep the work going.

B. U. - USA


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