Campaign: Flight Capacity Expansion

“Mama, when do you think help will come?”

“Soon, sweetie. Be brave.”

Dark clouds may still rumble in the distance as they recede…
The dust and rubble may have barely settled after the tremors stopped…
The haze of smoke may still hang heavy in the air as the fading embers of a blaze smolder…

But even as survivors begin to emerge from their shelters and take stock of their new situation……a cavalry of volunteers is already on their way with water, food, medicine, supplies, tools – and just as importantly, comfort and hope.


Help Us to Expand Reboot’s Capacity to Support Disaster Relief

  • Puerto Rico

  • St. Thomas

  • Tortola

  • Turks & Caicos

  • The Abacos

  • Grand Bahama Island

  • The Florida Keys

  • Mainland Florida

  • Georgia

Our experiences in these theaters have demonstrated that providing airborne logistical support for disaster relief efforts saves lives and speeds the total recovery process.

We know that disasters continue to have more impact and the need for relief work is growing. We know we can do more. We can go farther – and you can help.

We are raising funds to allow us to expand our capabilities with heavy-hauling utility aircraft that will carry more workers, more supplies, more tools, more building materials to the places they are needed when the needs are urgent and access is impaired. Not just to serve the southeastern US and Caribbean, but to serve volunteers bringing relief and comfort to victims of disasters wherever they may be.

Reboot Charity is funded entirely by individual and corporate donations and grants. Donations may be in the form of cash or securities. Furthermore, you may also donate your flyable aircraft to Reboot Charity. Your aircraft, even though it may not be a hauler suitable for our missions, can be refurbished and sold to provide funds to support Reboot’s aircraft acquisitions, maintenance, and disaster operations.

If aviation has been a beloved part of your life, and you would like to leave a legacy that allows aviation to affect the lives of others in a meaningful way, please consider donating your aircraft to help keep our mission going strong. Know that there could be no better way to have your aircraft or other assets deliver hope, comfort, and relief to those in need.

Goal to Raise

  • Goal Accomplishments 10% 10%

Special Note to Our Donors

“To all Friends of Reboot Charity: Your generous spirit towards this flight expansion campaign is truly priceless! We wish that each of you could see firsthand the look of comfort and calm that comes to traumatized victims when they see more helpers and supplies arriving. For all who have ever watched the news and said, ‘How tragic! I wish I could help somehow,’ know that what you have made possible has a powerful effect on the lives of others. It is a truly worthy and noble cause.”
~Board of Directors

Benefits of Using Our Aircraft for Relief Support



On average, government aid is not able to come for 2 weeks after a hurricane. Sadly at this point, many people have already lost their shelter-in-place and are lacking essentials. Thankfully, due to the non-profit’s agility and low overhead, we are able to bring help Johnny-on-the-spot.

Quick Access

Due to our means of transportation not being commercial, we get private plane use priviledges that acts as a key for fast passage to enter to natural disaster zones as quickly as possible to bring the help that is needed.


Due to our current operational geographics, our charity is much closer to most natural disaster prone areas. This enhances our preparation and allows us to be ready to just pick up and go when needed.

Why the Cessna Caravan?

Our goal is to be able to have more capacity to help people. This requires larger planes that can carry more supplies or people.

The Cessna Caravan is very well designed for our intended uses. These planes would allow to carry up to 9 relief workers and/or some 3,000 lbs (1365 kg) of cargo, to be safely transported on each leg.

This is a huge boost in capacity over aircraft that limit us to carrying only 1500 lbs of tools and materials – or 3 or 4 relief workers with their equipment on each leg.

When responsiveness matters, seats and capacity make a very real difference in the success of relief operations.

What has Reboot Charity been doing with their network of volunteers and planes?

In response to the increasing numbers of hurricanes, our charity has steadily increased its support of disaster relief efforts. To date we have either directly or indirectly help supported nearly 1000 relief flights.

Flights Supported

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