Donate Your Plane, Help Others

Why Donate?

There are many reasons to donate an aircraft. Mostly its because you or your company wants to help others and we greatly appreciate such help! However, it’s often not a one-way street. The upkeep, storage, and maintenance of aircraft can become a burden to some. In most cases, donating that burden can result in huge tax savings by means of deductions. Contact us to learn more what this means to you. Contact us at [email protected] or 561-714-3679 for a free consulation.

Some Benefits of Donating Your Aircraft

Help Others

No doubt you are visiting us because you want to help others.  Whether a company, fleet owner, or private owner, some reach the point of no longer getting any benefits from their aircrafter after so many years of enjoying it.

Change of company needs or a person’s health, family obligations, time required for maintenance and upkeep can turn a benefit into a burden. Yet, that valuable aircraft can be a benefit again to others in need.

Tax Deduction

As a recognized 501(c)3 Charitable organization you entitled to receive an IRS tax  deduction for your donation. Since we use aircraft in our operations, then we will generally be able to justify a higher fair market value than those that just accept the donation to sell.

In any case, we will consider which methods will result in the best tax advantage for you when donating your plane.


Get Rid of a Headache

At one point the aircraft was a great addition, now it sits needing repairs, gathering dust, and costing money on insurance and storage fees. No time to fix it up, list it, and deal with selling it. Your headache is our chance to help others.

Giving your aircraft to our charity will give it a second life – very useful life, one dedicated to help others in need. The memories you have with your aircraft can be added to and built on instead of forgotten.


The donation process is designed to make it easy and fast for you.

Contact Us

Call us at 561-714-3679, or email  [email protected]or fill out the form

Donation Plan

We will let you  know: the value, what we will do and pickup schedule


We pickup your plane, provide receipt of plane and gift-in-kind letter, an IRS form 8283. Then your aircraft starts helping others

Frequently Asked Questions

My aircraft hasn't been used in years or isn't running, can I donate it?

Yes, we will consider all aircraft for donation. Please contact us.

Will donating my aircraft cost me money?

No. In fact, it is best to contact us before spending funds on making repairs or getting appraisals.

What type of aircraft to do you accept?

We will give consideration to all sorts of aircraft. This includes: single engine props, double engine props, business jets, amphibian aircraft, antique aircraft, helicopters, and some drones. Basically, we will accept an aircraft if it makes financial sense for our charity’s mission.

Will you use my aircraft for operations or sell it?

Our charity has a need for various types of aircraft to use in our operations. These needs may change from time to time. At the current time, we are mostly interested in single-engine planes that have larger cargo or passenger carrying capacity. Our current goal is to obtain two Cessna Caravans.

What is expected of me?

Do your best to communicate the details of the aircraft and support in completing transfer of ownership documents when you decide to donate. See the above section “process” for more details. Basically, contact us and provide us basic details. We will consult and work with you to figure out what needs to be done in your particular case.

How much tax deduction can I receive from my aircraft?

We can provide some assistance in helping you determine what you can expect for a tax deduction. However, it is best for you to also consult with your accountant or CPA to see the exact impact. Most are concerned on what value will be placed on their plane when they donate it. Our charity follows the guidelines as provided by the IRS publication 561 and 526 on determining Fair Market Value. This value will depend on several factors, such as if the charity will keep the plane and use it in its operations or will sell it.

Do I need to get my aircraft appraised before I donate it?

Depends on the aircraft and its value. It is best to have this discussion with your CPA or accountant, as well as with us. During the donation process to determine an acceptable Fair Market Value, most aircraft over $5000 will need to be appraised. The appraisal process is generally used to determine the condition of the aircraft. This information is used to find other compatible aircraft and what they sell for in private party sales. Where we can, we can help with determining the type of appraisal we would find acceptable. Please contact us for further details.