Cause: Natural Disaster Relief Support

We support first responder volunteers at the forefront of natural disasters.

What impacted our charity to begin this noble cause? It really was time and place. We are located in South Florida and that particular 2016 hurricane season was especially strong. As stated by Wikipedia, it was the “first above-average hurricane season since 2012, producing……7 hurricanes and 4 major hurricanes.”

With our hearts in the right place, our charity became involved with the local disaster relief efforts. They became more and more aware, especially after hurricanes Matthew and Irma, that there was a real need to help first responders to disaster hit areas.

Our network of volunteers and skills sets available matched our desires to fullfill this noble cause to help with disaster relief. This became our charity’s ongoing and main cause. Reboot Charity support volunteers and NGOs in their natural disaster relief effots by quickly providing logistical support, training, supplies to people or areas in need, and even repatriations.

Annual Reports: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Our Retired Causes

In align with helping self-supported volunteers who help others as their main cause, our charity went green with protecting the environment. Both of these causes helped the charity to donate some under-utilized electronics to volunteers to support their work, provide funding to the charity, and provided job opportunities for under employed volunteers when needed.

E-Waste Recycling Cause

This first cause collected donated underutilized electronics to properly recycle, repair, repurpose, and resell.

Resell of Electronics Cause

Targeted donated electronic items, such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops were collected with the purpose to resell or give to volunteers.


A Generous Heart
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Campaign: Flight Capacity Expansion

We need your help with providing more logistical support. Our goal is to obtain 2 Cessna Caravan aircrafts, or equivalent.

Benefits of Using Private Aircraft for Natural Disaster Relief



On average, government aid is not able to come for 2 weeks after a hurricane. Sadly at this point, many people have already lost their shelter-in-place and are lacking essentials. Thankfully, due to our non-profit’s agility and low overhead, we are able to bring help Johnny-on-the-spot.

Quick Access

Due to our means of transportation not being commercial, we get private plane use priviledges that acts as a key for fast passage to enter to natural disaster zones as quickly as possible to bring the help that is needed.


Due to our current operational geographics, our charity is much closer to most natural disaster prone areas. This enhances our preparation and allows us to be ready to just pick up and go when needed.

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