For our natural disaster relief support cause, we have been using aircraft that was limited of its capability to transport relief workers and supplies. The aircraft has been truly useful, due to its private plane privileges to be able to get pass barriers common to commercial air crafts. However due to its limit in size, we had to make multiples of runs.

Each Cessna Caravan 208 and the like will allow us to transport 9 volunteers instead of 3 and to carry 3,000 lbs of supplies instead of 600 lbs. True, multiple runs will still need to be made, but with greater quantities towards relief support that is greatly needed at the forefront. 

That is why we urge Cessna Caravan private and business owners to consider donating their air crafts to be put to noble use. The beautiful part of our natural disaster relief support is seeing the local victims’ faces when we arrive with their essential needs – one word to summarize: HOPE. We all can be part of that hope in some way or another.